June 30th, 2022

DaDa Erlhoff: About The Man Who Knew Too Much

“DaDa Erlhoff: About The Man Who Knew Too Much” is a Festschrift (kind of) created by Maziar Rezai and Simon Meienberg in memory of Prof. Dr. Michael Erlhoff, prominent design thinker, author, lecturer, and designer, who was the founding dean of the “Cologne Department of Design” (now KISD) in 1991. The booklet contains 14 artwork/images/messages by 15 designers/design researchers/lecturers honoring Michael Erlhoff.

Contributions by Wolfgang Jonas, Dustin Jessen, Simon Meienberg, Claudia Saar, Birgit Mager, Maziar Rezai, Veselina Koleva, Angelia Knyazeva, Michelle Christensen, Florian Conradi, Stefan Schmidt, Jan Zurwellen and Tom Bieling also include a memory by DESIGNABILITIES (pg 34/35). The main idea of this project is adapted from the Dadaism Style, the movement Michael Erlhoff knew very well and for years wrote and talked about.

Erlhoff memory by DESIGNABILITIES/designforschung.org


Maziar Rezai & Simon Meienberg (Eds) (2022): DaDa Erlhoff: About The Man Who Knew Too Much. Köln.