October 15th, 2022

Touching as a Research Method in Art and Design

A new book by Alice Twemlow examines the phenomenon of “touching” as a research method. The publication, designed by Niels Schrader, contains interviews, research samples, recipes, quotations, and reflections on the research process by tutors, workshop instructors and students all across the KABK community. The range of materials and processes engaged with is diverse and the approaches are as unique as fingerprints, but a premise embedded in the DNA of material research is that experiments are shared.

Click on the book image above, to read the full book (free issu).

The book is part of a project initiated by the KABK Design Lectorate that explores the research methods artists and designers choose to work with, and how they use them to create and surface new contributions to knowledge. The first edition of the project focused on walking. In a second iteration the initiators explored how research is conducted with and through materials and matter. Eventaually it is a book about the relationship between humans and the environment.