June 19th, 2024

AI and War

Mattis Kuhn and Leon-Etienne Kühr recently joined the AI Lab at HfG Offenbach. For tomorrow they have invited Christian Heck, PhD student at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne, as a geust speaker. His lecture introduces us to the relatively recent history of technological rationalisation of war through data-driven predictions and decision-making. The starting point is the recently published position paper Targeted?Killing, in which experts in the field of AI & Unmanned Systems call for the outlawing of targeted killing practices with AI-supported systems such as “Lavender” as war crimes. An evning about Intelligent systems and transparent battlefields.

20 June 2024, 6pm
Main Building, Room 307

HfG Offenbach
Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach am Main
University of Art and Design
Schlossstraße 31
D-63065 Offenbach am Main